Parents Night Out - October 12th & Preschool Halloween Party October 19th


Thank you for giving us the privilege of coaching your children,  please take a moment to review our policies to ensure that you have the  best experience possible.

Our Role:

As coaches it is our responsibility to keep you informed on your  child's progress and our program. Our focus is on your children's  enjoyment and success and our coaches and staff work daily towards this  goal.  If you ever have a concern or question it would be our pleasure  to assist you.

Your Role:

Parents and caregivers are an essential part of a positive experience  in our program. At Youngsters we encourage you to be your child's  cheerleader; when your child is tackling a difficult skill nothing is  better than a parent's praise.

Class Arrival & Pick-up

To get the most out of their classes students should arrive 10  minutes prior to the start time of their class and attend as regularly  as possible.  Please note for safety reasons, late arrivals of more than  15 minutes may not be allowed to participate if the coach feels a  proper warm-up cannot be given.

In respect for our neighboring businesses and student safety,  students must remain inside the gym lobby until ready to leave.  It is  requested that students be picked up immediately after class.  Parents  may be charged $10 fine for every 15 minutes parent is late, after the class has ended.

Student Dress Code:

Your child should wear something comfortable with no pockets or  zippers of any kind. Leotards or a T-shirt and shorts are examples of  appropriate attire. In addition, to ensure safety we ask that students  pull hair away from their faces, refrain from wearing jewelry of any  kind, and tuck their shirts into their shorts.

Gym Floor:

To ensure the safety of all participants, only students enrolled in  classes will be allowed on the gym floor.  Parents with students in the  Parent Tot program are also allowed on the gym floor.  Parents must stay off all equipment.  There is no food, gum or drinks allowed  on the gym floor at any time.  A drinking fountain is accessible to the  students during class.

Holiday Policy:

Youngsters is closed on select holidays throughout the year.  Families will be notified of these closures via in gym notices, e-mails  and phone calls.  If your class falls on a day the gym is closed you may  make it up on a space available basis.

Non-Holiday Gym Closures:

It may be necessary to add additional closures for gym improvements  and training.  Families will be notified of these necessary closures via  in-gym notices, e-mails and phone calls.  If your class falls on a day  the gym in closed we offer a make-up class day.

Make-up/Absence Policy:

Make-ups are offered within two weeks of the absence. If you would  like to schedule a make-up class, please speak to a staff member. We  will do our best to accommodate you; however, make ups are only offered  to students currently enrolled in our program, in classes of the same or  lower level and on a space available basis.

Changes in Your Scheduled Classes:

We keep students enrolled in their classes unless otherwise  instructed. If you will no longer be attending a given class you must notify the office in writing with a two-week advance notice.  Tuition is charged for all classes  until the end of the two-week notice. This is necessary to accommodate students who may  be on a waiting list for a specific class. Students may be dropped from  classes at the end of the month if an outstanding balance remains and you will still remain responsible for said balance. If  you drop a class we cannot guarantee that there will be space in that  class when you return. You will automatically be charged tuition for all enrolled classes the first day or each month unless a two-week written notice has been received.

Cancelled Classes:

Classes with fewer than 3 students enrolled may be cancelled.   Should this become necessary, all students will be given sufficient  notice to enroll in an alternate class.

Tuition Payments:

Tuition is due on the first of each month. As an added convenience,  we offer on-line payments through our secure website. To use this  feature go to and select  My Account, from here  follow the on-line instructions. This feature also allows you to check  your account from home at any point.

Automatic tuition payments can be set-up using any Visa or MasterCard, or American Express card or debit card.  Payments are only processed if there is a  balance due on the account at the close of business on the 1st of each  month.  Automatic tuition payments may be cancelled at any time.

Accounts are past due if payment is not received by the 10th of each  month. There will be a $15 late fee assessed after the 10th day of the  month. In addition, there is a $25 returned check or declined credit  charge so please let us know if there is some external factor that  prohibits you from paying on time.

Photographic and/or Video Images:

Youngsters uses photographic and/or video images of its  customers for marketing, publicity and advertising purposes.  No  personally identifiable information will be given out regarding the  images.  Youngsters is authorized for use of those images without  pay or compensation.  All representations of the photographic images  constitute Youngsters property, solely and completely.  If you  have any concerns about this policy, management would be happy to  discuss those concerns with you.

Personal Property:

Youngsters instructors and staff are not responsible nor are  they liable for loss or damage to personal property.  We encourage you  to secure your personal property before entering the facility and when  leaving the gym.